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Laserway Cosmetic Laser Clinic Northern Ireland

Welcome to Laserway, a results driven cosmetic laser clinic chain. As Northern Ireland's number 1 laser clinic, we are the clinic of choice for expert non-surgical treatments including laser hair removal, tattoo removal and semi permanent make-up. Giving the best prices for laser hair removal, we have locations throughout Ulster. With a larger portfolio of medical laser devices than anyone else, we have the ability to perform laser hair removal, skin treatments, tattoo & thread vein removal, i Pixel skin treatments, acne treatments, skin peels, semi permanent make-up foot fungus removal treatments using proven, safe technology and techniques. We deliver quality of service and treatment, expert and professional advice employing the latest technology in skin care cosmetics. we have locations in Ballymena, Coleraine and Lisburn.
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Should you have any questions please call us on Ballymena 028 25638209 or Lisburn 028 92628249 to discuss your needs.


What's New

Nail Fungus Treatment

A nail fungus infection (onychomycosis) is usually caused by trichophyton rubrum, a dermatophyte that invades the nail bed and underside of the nail plate.   Due to the location of the infection, topical creams are frequently ineffective for many people, and oral medications can lead to health risks such as liver enzyme damage. As if this wasn’t bad enough, medical treatments are only effective in a small percentage of users. The treatment of toenail fungus has previously been very difficult due to the location of the fungus...

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