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  • 24 hours before your treatment, we would ask you to have the area well shaven. (Body hair)  


  • Facial hair- You do not have to shave but we do ask you to trim the hair.


  • Avoid UV Exposure (Sun/ Sunbeds) - four weeks prior and after treatment.


  • Do not pluck or wax the hair.

  • Do not apply fake tan on the area to be treated for 2 weeks prior to treatment.



After your Laser treatment, it is very common for the area to feel warm. The area will have Erythema (redness).

This will last a few hours but we can apply anti inflammatory mineral make up to the face to hide any redness if needed. 


For the next 24-48 hours:


  • Avoid all heat treatments such as:

       Hot showers/baths

       Excessive exercise 

       Steam rooms / saunas


  • Do not touch, pick or scratch the area.

  • Avoid all perfumed soaps and creams 


  • Hair will shed within 3 -7 days for Facial hair and 7-10 days for Body hair 


For the first two to four days :

  • Apply  aloe vera to cool and moisturise the skin to aid hair shedding. 


  • Once your skin has settled you can exfoliate the area to help aid the hair shedding process. 


For four weeks after: 

  • Avoid UV exposure and apply SPF 30


We recommend treatment

intervals on face every 4-6 weeks and body every 6-8 weeks. 


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