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  Rosacea and Thread vein treatment

Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects parts of the face. Around 15% of women in Ireland are affected by rosacea, most of them in middle age. Symptoms can include flushing, redness, spots and thickened skin. Not everyone experiences all of the symptoms, but any can be concerning or distressing to the sufferer.


Thread veins are very common with rosacea. We can treat both problems with Intense Pulse Light.  






Small Area £60

What are the costs likely to be? 

Area Cost (per session)

Price will be determined at consultation and will be decided by the area to be covered. 



Medium area £90
Full face skin rejuvenation only - £60
Large Area £120 -£150

Should you have any questions or queries why not book in for a free skin consultation and we will determine what treatment will give you the best results!

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