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  • Avoid UV Exposure (Sun, Sunbeds) - four weeks prior and after treatment.


  •  No fake tan on area being treated 


  • Its advisable to wear as little make up as possible prior to treatment, we will always perform a full cleanse prior to the session.  


After your Laser treatment, it is very common for the area to feel warm. The area will have Erythema (redness). This will last a few hours but we do have anti inflammatory mineral make up for the face to hide any redness.

Immediately After Treatment:-


It is normal for the treated area to feel hot and tingly (like a sunburn).   The microscopic pixel marks may also be visible on close inspection of the skin.  

Normal Post Treatment Reactions:-


  • Sunburn like heat and sensation in skin

  • Redness and slight swelling for 2-4 days

  • Peeling within 4-6 days


In some cases post treatment reactions may persist for a longer period.   If this occurs, continue with aftercare instructions until the skin has settled.


Clients should see instant results, but it takes 3-6 months for the full effects to be seen.



For the next 24-48 hours:


  • Avoid all heat treatments such as:

       Hot showers/baths

       Excessive exercise etc

  • Do not touch, pick or scratch the area.

       Avoid all perfumed soaps and cream

For two weeks:

  • Use mild cleanser

  • Avoid exfoliating


For four weeks after: 

  • Avoid UV exposure and apply SPF 30+



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