Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Laserway, You can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.  We use the gold standard, FDA approved Gentlelase Pro .

The Candela Gentlelase pro is used by doctors and hospitals around the world. 

Our expert therapists have many years of clinical experience and have received the highest standards of laser training. 


We allow plenty of time for your free consultation where your Laser specialist will explain everything you need to know  about the laser process and will perform a patch test, enabling you to experience the treatment. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual circumstances and you will be able to ask any questions you may have. 


Please find our frequently asked questions below.

If we have not answered a question you are interested in, please feel free to email us or call the clinic. Ballymena clinic: 028 2563 8209 or our Lisburn Clinic on 07739099039 and we will get back to you.





Do you have payment plans?

Packages are six treatments at a discounted price, as it takes Six treatments to get 70 - 90% reduction. Packages can be paid in three- four installments. This is paid at your first, second, third  and fourth treatment. 0% Interest 

Who is suitable for Laser?

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with pale skin and dark, coarse hair. Finer hair is more difficult to treat. Laser hair removal will not work on grey,white or blonde hair. 


Can i sunbath or wear fake tan during my treatment course?

No unfortunately you can not have sun exposure in the past 4 weeks and fake tan must be off by the time of your treatment. Sun exposure or fake tan will effect your results and could cause adverse reaction. Your skin must be at it's palest on the day of each treatment. Please make sure no fake tan is on the area on the day, as you will not be able to proceed with the treatment. 

Frequently asked questions

How does Laser hair removal work?

Alexandrite 755nm laser emits burst of energy which is absorbed by the melanin (colour) of the hair. The laser will cauterise the blood supply at the root of the hair, effectively destroying the hair without affecting the surrounding area. Laser hair removal works best on pale skin with dark coarse hair.

Does Laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal is described as heat with a sting to the tail. The Candela Gentlelase pro has a Dynamic cooling device (DCD). This will make the treatment more comfortable and protect your skin. Cryogen is sprayed onto the skin before every pulse of the Laser. If you are worried about the sensation, feel free to come in for a free consultation and one of our Laser specialists will perform a small patch test. We also have the cryo 5 machine that can be requested. This is a handheld device that you can hold which applies very cold air onto the area.

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