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Price list for Men


We give all our clients the chance to sample the results for themselves with no obligation.

All Consultations and patch tests are free!

Facial prices start from £30 per treatment

Upper Cheeks

Full upper cheeks 

Facial Grooming

Upper Cheeks, between brows , side of brows, ears and nostrils  

Front of Neck

full front of neck 

Front and back of Neck

full front and back of neck 

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Facial grooming and front of neck

Includes front of neck, upper cheeks, between brows, ears and nostrils 

Full Face

Includes full cheeks, Lip, chin, nostrils and front of neck 

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Body area price list 

Body prices starting from £40 per treatment

Upper back and Shoulders

includes upper back, top of shoulders, neck and tshirt line on arms 

Full Back and Shoulders

Includes full back, neck onto tshirt line on arms 

Upper Chest

Includes tshirt line on arms and from bottom of neck to middle of chest 

Forearms and Hands

from elbow to hands 

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Full chest and Abdomen

includes full chest, abdomen and tshirt line ont arms 

Full Arms and Shoulders and hands


Full legs and feet


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Treatments can be paid per session or as discounted package of six treatments.

Larger packages can be paid in four installments

     with 0% interest! 

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