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Preparation and aftercare for laser hair removal!


1. Twenty four  hours before your treatment, we would ask you to have the area well shaven (Body hair) and not to have any fake tan on the area.

2.Facial hair- You do not have to shave but we do ask you to trim the hair. Avoid UV Exposure (Sun/ Sunbeds) - four weeks prior and after treatment.

3.Do not pluck or wax the hair


After your Laser treatment, it is very common for the area to feel warm. The area will have Erythema (redness). This will last a few hours but we can apply an anti inflammatory mineral make up for the face to hide any redness.

For the next 24-48 hours:

1.Avoid all heat treatments such as: Hot showers/baths Excessive exercise etc

2.Do not touch, pick or scratch the area.

3.Avoid all perfumed soaps and creams

4.Hair will shed within 3 -7 days for Facial hair and 7-10 days for Body hair

For the first two days : 

1.Apply 100% aloe vera to keep skin moisturised to aid shedding.

2.Exfoliate the area when in shower or bath. Normal face cloth can be used. 

For four weeks after:

1.Avoid UV exposure and apply SPF 30 We recommend treatment intervals on face every 4-6 weeks and body every 6-8 weeks. Interval will depend on rate of growth. 

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