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Everything you need to know about Retinol (Vitamin A)

What is Vitamin A? Why is retinol good for wrinkles? How can I incorporate vitamin A into my routine? At what age should I start using retinol?

We caught up with Bridget March, Digital Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, to answer the most asked questions about vitamin A (retinol).

The most asked questions about vitamin A answered by Medik8 experts.

When should I use vitamin A in my skincare routine?

Many professionals recommend applying vitamin A to clean, dry skin before bed followed by a moisturiser.

This will help to offset any dryness that may occur as your skin adjusts to your chosen retinoid. For best results, Medik8 recommend including vitamin C and a high quality broad spectrum SPF 30 in your morning routine

Is vitamin A too strong to be used around the delicate eye area?

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. As such, it is particularly prone to sensitivity. We would always advise using an eye-specific retinol product such as Retinol EyeTRTM.

It uses a lower strength of vitamin A and advanced Time Release Technology which is kinder to the skin.

How soon will I see visible results?

It can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks before you start to see the benefits of vitamin A.

Your results will depend on the strength and the type of retinoid you’re using.

Why can’t I use vitamin A during the day?

Contrary to popular belief, retinoids do not make your skin more sensitive to sun. The reason vitamin A is not recommended for daytime use is because it is not photostable.

This means it is deactivated when exposed to direct sunlight. However, advanced vitamin A molecules like Medik8’s r-Retinoate® remain stable when exposed to UV light.

How soon can I use my vitamin A (retinol) after peels or micro peeling?

It’s advisable to wait until the skin has stopped visibly peeling, usually between 24-72 hours but this will vary on the length of the peel and the condition of your skin.

After the skin has stopped peeling, you can incorporate vitamin A into your regime regime every evening. We recommend doing this for at least 3 months after your last peel session. This will maximise the effects of the peel and speed up the skin’s natural healing process.

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